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Does not own2

OWNCOTV: Does your household owns Color TV?

Question text: Now, I will read you a series of household items. Please note that we are only interested in items that your household owns and that are in normal working order. Please tell me whether or not your household owns Color TV?

  • Owns
  • Does not own

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Teacher Reporting of Violence against Children and Women, June 2019

Teacher Reporting of Violence against Children and Women, June 2019

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  • The survey was carried out by CRRC Georgia within the framework of UN Women project “Teachers Taking Stance on Violence against Women and Domestic Violence in Georgia” generously funded by the Government of Denmark. The content of this survey does not reflect the official opinion of UN Women or the Danish Government. Responsibility for the information and views expressed therein lies entirely with the author(s). Please note that differences displayed in cross-tabulations may not be statistically significant. Numbers may vary from the report due to different statistical analysis processes.

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