Time-series (%)Favors some citizensTreats all equallyDK/RA

OBJCOUR: Are courts in Georgia partial or impartial?

Question text: Please tell me which of the following statements you agree with? 1. 'The courts in Georgia favor some citizens over others' 2. 'The courts in Georgia treat all citizens equally, rather than favoring some over others'

Note: The question was recoded. Original options are as follows: 1. Court favours some citizens - Strongly agree 2. Court favours some citizens - Agree 3. Court treats everyone equally - Agree 4. Court treats everyone equally - Strongly agree 5. Agreement with neither. Options 1 and 2 were grouped to Partial 3 and 4 to Impartial, 5 - DK .

  • Favors some citizens
  • Treats all equally
  • DK/RA

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Caucasus Barometer time-series dataset Georgia

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