Frequency distribution (%)
Strongly condemn 6
Rather condemn 11
Neutral, neither condemn nor support 28
Rather support 16
Fully support 20
Have not heard about this4

SUPTSRER: Condemn or support Sasna Tsrer‘s actions?

Question text: In July 2016, a group of people calling themselves Sasna Tsrer seized the building of the Patrol-Guard Service Regiment of Armenia. People reacted differently to this action, some strongly condemning and others fully supporting it. Using this CARD, please tell me whether you condemn or support Sasna Tsrer‘s actions?

  • Strongly condemn
  • Rather condemn
  • Neutral, neither condemn nor support
  • Rather support
  • Fully support
  • Have not heard about this
  • DK
  • RA

Caucasus Barometer 2017 Armenia

Caucasus Barometer is the annual household survey about social economic issues and political attitudes conducted by CRRC.
Country: Georgia
Fieldwork Dates: October 13, 2017 to October 27, 2017

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