Frequency distribution (%)
Georgian Dream - Democratic Georgia2
Alliance of Patriots of Georgia3
European Georgia - Free Democrats5
No second choice27
DK,RA or No party in the first choice49
Don't know/Refuse to answer3

VOTPARL2: Which party would you vote for in parliamentary elections? Second choice

Question text: If parliamentary elections were tomorrow which party would you vote for? Which party would be your second choice?

Note: The question was asked only to the half of the respondents. The question was asked to the likely voters. The question was not asked to those respondents whose first choice were 'No party', 'Don't know' or 'Refuse to answer'.
The question was recoded. Free Georgia, New Rights, Democratic Movement - United Georgia, Republican Party, Georgian Conservative Party, Georgian Labor Party, New Political Center - Girchi, Movement State for People, Political Platform - New Georgia, Freedom - Zviad Gamsakhurdia's Way, Victorious Georgia, For Justice were grouped to 'Other'.

  • Georgian Dream - Democratic Georgia
  • No party
  • UNM
  • Alliance of Patriots of Georgia
  • European Georgia - Free Democrats
  • Other
  • No second choice
  • DK,RA or No party in the first choice
  • Don't know/Refuse to answer

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