Frequency distribution (%)
Our Georgia - Free Democrats6
Georgian Dream - Democratic Georgia3
United National Movement3
Labor Party3
No second choice19
DK, RA or NP in the first choice57

PARTYSUPP2: Which party is closest to you? Second choice

Question text: And what is your second choice?

Note: Options 'Alliance for Patriotic Georgia', 'Democratic Movement-United Georgia', 'Free Georgia', 'Conservative Party', 'Republican Party', 'Georgian Group', 'Salome Zurabishvili-Way of Georgia', 'National Forum', 'Industry will save Georgia/Industrialis', 'New Rights', 'Left Alliance' were grouped to 'Other'

  • Our Georgia - Free Democrats
  • Georgian Dream - Democratic Georgia
  • United National Movement
  • Labor Party
  • No second choice
  • DK, RA or NP in the first choice
  • Other
  • DK/RA

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NDI: Public attitudes in Georgia, August 2015

Public attitudes in Georgia, August 2015

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