Frequency distribution (%)
USD 801 – 12001
USD 401 – 8004
USD 251 – 40013
USD 101 – 25042
USD 51– 10028
Up to USD 504
Don’t know4
Refuse to answer4

MONYTOT: HH monetary income last month

Question text: Household income is a sum of monetary income of all household members. Speaking about monetary income of all your household members last month after all taxes are paid, to which of the following groups does your household belong?

  • More than USD 1200
  • USD 801 – 1200
  • USD 401 – 800
  • USD 251 – 400
  • USD 101 – 250
  • USD 51– 100
  • Up to USD 50
  • 0
  • Don’t know
  • Refuse to answer

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