Cross tabulation (%)0 - 240 mins241 - 960 mins 961 - 1800 mins1801 - 3600 minsMore than 3600 minsNADKRA

TIMCHIL: Time spent on childcare

Question text: How much time in a week do you usually spend doing the following, on average, for your family - Childcare?

Note: The question was changed from open-ended and grouped in given categories.

  • 0 - 240 mins
  • 241 - 960 mins
  • 961 - 1800 mins
  • 1801 - 3600 mins
  • More than 3600 mins
  • NA
  • DK
  • RA

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RESPSEX: Respondent's sex

Question text: Respondent's sex

  • Male
  • Female

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Women’s economic inactivity and engagement in the informal sector in Georgia

Causes and consequences of women’s economic inactivity and informal employment in Georgia

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